Retail Marketing, Reinvented with DAM & CMS

Marketing for retail went from analog to digital in just a few years, and retail enterprises that were unable to adapt were quickly left behind. Today, more and more retailers are expanding their web and mobile storefronts and even moving into international distribution in an attempt to grow their sales. The retailers that are profiting from these investments are the ones that have learned how to expand their marketing reach without busting their marketing budgets.

At IO Integration, more and more of our retail clients are doing this by pairing DAM with a content management system (CMS). DAM enables them to communicate to their customers with total control over their brand’s look, feel, voice, and messaging. CMS takes things a step further by allowing them to deliver their brand content and assets in targeted marketing campaigns that reach customers in real time, on any platform or device.

When retailers can do these two things together—streamline production and delivery of marketing content while automatically adhering to brand guidelines and approved creative—they can create a customer experience that is always consistent across every touch-point and always relevant to the customer’s in-the-moment needs. In short, they can win more business by presenting a well-defined and compelling retail brand.

What’s more, they can do it all while saving money, because they’re bringing automation to every step in the marketing content process.

Their DAM eliminates the need for time-intensive, costly file searches and re-creation of missing assets. It also mitigates business risk by protecting their brands from common distribution and publishing errors, such as the publication of outdated, off-brand, or unlicensed content.

Their CMS allows them to create content once and then automatically repurpose it across devices and platforms—so they get more bang for their marketing buck.

And perhaps most importantly, their DAM and CMS together accelerate time-to-market and free marketing staff to focus more of their time on the core creative work that brings in revenue.

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As Chief Marketing Technologist for Client Solutions at IO Integration (IOI), David Parker is responsible for IOI’s content and multi-channel marketing business solutions and consulting growth in North America and the UK. An excellent general manager of c-level business & marketing technology and strategies, David excels at delivering high value innovative technologies that drive business growth in globally competitive environments. He has a unique understanding of business processes in complex matrix companies and a focus on driving change through “simplicity” for rapid technology adoption, engagement and revenue growth.