DAM + CMS = Powerful Content Marketing

Every marketing professional knows that great creative is only truly great if it’s executed well. And in today’s technology-driven marketing environment — with opportunities for brand engagement across so many new digital media channels as well as traditional channels like broadcast, print, and outdoor — execution is becoming more and more critical.

Time-to-market is also increasingly important, because if your message arrives first, you can drive the conversation and establish your brand as the most engaging player in its space.

So in the current marketing landscape, the “What makes great creative?” equation looks something like this:

Great Creative = Content + Execution + Time


In order to optimize the right side of this equation, you need automation. Your DAM supplies much of this automation, enabling you to efficiently organize all your creative assets and then access and distribute the specific assets you need, the moment you need them. But in order to further optimize execution and time, many marketing organizations are pairing DAM with CMS (content management solutions).

CMS automates production workflows so marketers can create content once and then deliver it in any format, for any platform or device. They can also automate localization to quickly create region- or language-specific versions of all content. Some people are wary of getting into a conversation around why a CMS makes sense for them, but there are various reasons to make the move to CMS

Without DAM and CMS automation, good content is often diluted due to poor communication and collaboration across an organization, slow or ineffective delivery across geographies, and the inability of organizations to utilize CRM data and analytics to inform solid content strategies. There’s a reason it’s the future of content marketing and that industry professionals are coming together to discover how top brands are using content marketing technologies to streamline internal processes, turn their digital assets into relevant content stories that are optimized across all marketing channels, and win the loyalty of their target customers.

By using DAM and CMS together to streamline the management, production, and delivery of creative content, marketing organizations can devote more of their resources to defining content marketing strategy up front, and then creating content that supports that strategy. They can deliver content that is truly great—more targeted, timely, and relevant than their competitors’. And they can increase awareness, engagement, and loyalty for better business results.

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As Chief Marketing Technologist for Client Solutions at IO Integration (IOI), David Parker is responsible for IOI’s content and multi-channel marketing business solutions and consulting growth in North America and the UK. An excellent general manager of c-level business & marketing technology and strategies, David excels at delivering high value innovative technologies that drive business growth in globally competitive environments. He has a unique understanding of business processes in complex matrix companies and a focus on driving change through “simplicity” for rapid technology adoption, engagement and revenue growth.