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DAM Technology Trends

by Nick Sincaglia

Nick Sincaglia is President/Founder of NueMeta LLC, a consulting firm focused on digital asset and metadata management strategies. Nick's company provides software development and system design consulting services for the leading digital media & entertainment companies. Nick has been active in several industry technical standards bodies as a Board Member and Working Group Chairman for the Digital Data Exchange (DDEX), NARM's Digital Think Tank, and member of Metadata Working Groups sponsored by the European Broadcast Union and Audio Engineering...

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What Effective Digital Asset Management Can Do For Your Organization

By Nick Sincaglia | April 01, 2013


A major challenge for the DAM industry is effectively conveying the overall impact that digital asset management systems can have on an organization. Digital asset management is relatively new compared to the other functional components of a company. Many companies have little... Read More


Data Exchange and Data Management: Designed as One

Data Exchange and Data Management: Designed as One

By Nick Sincaglia | February 13, 2013

In previous posts of mine, I expressed my preference for in using existing metadata standards over designing data structures from scratch (see Finding Inspiration (and Solutions) From Metadata Standards and Commercial Exploitation of Digital Assets). In... Read More


Adapting To A Web Of A Billion Services

By Nick Sincaglia | June 04, 2012

I recently read an interesting article by Ben Elowitz, co-founder and CEO of Wetpaint, a next-generation media platform company, entitled "Content Is No Longer King". Mr. Elowitz makes a number of good points in the piece. One of his main points is that the Internet has "fundamentally separated content from distribution". He states, "Until the Internet came along. In every single one of the varied businesses that the Internet has touched - from commerce to media to communications to payments - there has been one common impact: disaggregation." His point is well taken and as I thought a little more about some of the changes the media industry is going through today, it occurred to me that there was one segment of the media and entertainment industry in which this same sort of disaggregation happened many decades ago. I think we can learn a lot from what that industry went through and use it as a possible indicator of what may lie ahead for the rest of the digital content business. The segment of the media industry I am referring to, is the field of music publishing. Read More


Passion for DAM, Growth Potential in Metadata and the New Chemistry of Data

An Interview with NueMeta founder Nick Sincaglia

By Charlotta Hedman | April 12, 2012

NueMeta is a technical development and service provider that helps media & entertainment companies design and develop digital asset management and royalty reporting systems which embrace global metadata and messaging standards. Read More


The Challenge: Separating Technology Trends From Fads

By Nick Sincaglia | April 02, 2012

I am always keeping my eyes and ears open for new and better ways to do things. Innovation in technology is moving at such a fast pace it is hard (if not impossible) to keep up. This is even true for the most technically sophisticated people within the DAM industry. There is just so much experimentation going on, in so many related fields, the most you can hope to do, is to simply be aware of as many areas of innovation as you can and try to separate the trends from the fads. It is not an easy task. Read More


Search and Your DAM Part 2

By Nick Sincaglia | March 01, 2012

In part 1 of this discussion, I covered a number of commonly known and practiced search related topics. However, the field of search as it relates to digital asset management systems is broad and diverse. Let's continue our discussion by going a bit deeper into some of the more specialized techniques that are being practiced. Read More


Search and Your DAM Part 1

By Nick Sincaglia | March 01, 2012

I just recently moderated a panel at Createasphere's Digital Asset Management Conference in Los Angeles. The topic of the panel was "Search". In particular, the discussion was focused on the opportunities and challenges that may impact the operators and implementers of DAM systems. Like with many topics selected for conference panel discussions, the topic of search is vast and diverse. Certainly a one-hour session can only scratch the surface. However, it is important to highlight some of the new innovations available to the DAM community and provide caution for known challenges. The panel included Ed Elliott (Sr. Solutions Architect, Technicolor), Linda Burman, (CEO L. A. Burman Associates Inc.) and Chris Simons (VP, Harris Automation and Asset Management). Each has a unique perspective on the topic and as a result, turned the session into an interactive discussion with the attendees. Read More