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Google Goggles Takes Print Digital

By DAM News Staff | February 01, 2011

Google Goggles Takes Print Digital | Post Advertising.

Google’s visual search application for smartphones was already able to recognize lots of objects and text, but after a significant upgrade, it can now swiftly recognize print advertisements and point users toward web results.

With a name we can’t help but repeat in a German accent, Google Goggles has, thus far, simply been a sweet alternate reality app to tool around with. But with its latest update, its potential — especially for marketers — will no doubt soar. In addition tobeing able to solve Sudoku puzzles, the upgraded app can recognize print advertisements and bring the user straight to the appropriate brand site. It’s part of the impending transformation of all physical things — especiallyadvertisements — into digital gateways.

Say you’re at a party and want to know more about the bottle of wine you’re drinking. In the past, you could have looked at the label and typed in the brand name and varietal into a search engine, but with Google Goggles you can now search with images instead of words. Simply scan the label and the optical recognition will pull up more info about the brand, the price, and stores near you to buy. Good news for you; potentially bad news for the guest that brought the bottle when it’s revealed that they spent a measly $6 on it at Trader Joe’s.

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