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WAVE releases new marketing and publishing tool

MediaBank Gold is officially released

By DAM News Staff | April 03, 2012

Advancing its flagship Digital Asset Management product, WAVE Corporation announces that MediaBank Gold is now publicly available. By incorporating feedback from its diverse customer base, WAVE has evolved MediaBank well beyond a file repository and into an intelligent administrator of information and processes. "With such encouraging responses already pouring in, we are delighted with the momentum that a little ingenuity and effort towards a clear market demand is generating", said Ward Wright, President of WAVE Corporation.


MediaBank Gold blends its heritage in Digital Asset Management (DAM) with Business Process Management (BPM) to deliver a new breed of software that is far more effective in today's adaptive multi-channel environments. Dan Macaluso, Director of Engineering, states, "This next generation of MediaBank is a ground-up re-design, performed by a development team with over 100 combined years of industry experience and employing the most current technologies". In addition to enhanced functionality, its distributed architecture addresses the needs of businesses creating content and reaching customers across geographies.

WAVE's customers have learned to expect increased end-user productivity with each new release. WAVE expects the improved accountability, planning, and decision making capabilities included with the new MediaBank release will not disappoint. Certainly, the ability to schedule workflows, advanced analytics and traditional DAM functionality will raise the bar for competitive advantage in the industry.

About WAVE Corporation

WAVE Corporation is an engineering services company that applies technology within environments managing large amounts of information. WAVE designs, develops, deploys, and supports software products that integrate creativity, communication and marketing. This includes planning, scheduling, flow-control and decision making abilities pertaining to the use of photos, videos, and creative documents. Related functionality and tasks such as ingesting, searching, annotating, automation, reporting, and sharing of digital assets, enable users to maximize the value of their valuable digital property while securing their access. Savings in time and improvements in quality are realized when users reach their customers through various mediums including print, web and other variable digital delivery methods. For more information visit
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