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Panzura Leads the Way in Cloud Storage Technology

Another exclusive from the floor of Createasphere's Digital Asset Management Conference

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | October 05, 2012

Panzura is a cloud storage company that enables large media and entertainment houses to be able to centralize their media assets into a cloud based repository. Ranajit Nevatia, VP of Marketing for Panzura, took the time to talk to us about the kinds of solutions Panzura can offer their customers.

Createasphere on Vimeo.

The Panzura vision is deceptively simple to articulate - deliver cloud-integrated local NAS capabilities to a globally-distributed enterprise, allowing storage capacity to be centrally located, managed, and protected. As storage capacity needs explode and projects and workflows become shared across multiple sites, enterprises are searching for a storage solution that allows workers to collaborate and share workloads at LAN-like speed while keeping storage and networking costs minimized. Those two needs have been mutually exclusive with traditional storage technologies...until now. The Panzura Global Cloud Storage System leverages high-performance, secure Internet technology to create an interconnected, unified global file system. With Panzura, persistent data can be centrally located where it is easy for IT to manage, yet remain fluid and easy to access, regardless of physical location. Storage islands disappear, capacity and data protection costs go down, system management is simplified, and users collaborate and share on workflows as needed as if they were local.

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