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New Picturepark DAM Update Improves Usability & Collaboration

By DAM News Staff | May 24, 2012

Picturepark 8.3 improves collaborative discussions and workflows, helps users avoid production delays, and offers better control over associated assets and derivatives.


Digital asset management (DAM) software maker Picturepark® today released a scheduled upgrade to the company's SaaS and on-premise digital asset management software. Picturepark 8.3 enhances usability and collaboration, and provides an underlying architecture that enables customers to more easily add the DAM vendor's recently announced DAM layers for SharePoint, Dropbox and WoodWing.

Picturepark 8.3 enables users to make better choices with regard to which derivatives they download. Derivatives are alternate versions of digital asset masters that Picturepark creates automatically. It is now easier for users to choose the best derivative for their needs because Picturepark 8.3 displays file information and zoomable live previews for each derivative, in addition to the master asset.

Making print productions and archiving easier, Picturepark 8.3 offers users with a new menu option to download all files linked or referenced by a layout, presentation or other "container" file format. Picturepark provides to the user the most recent versions of all associated files in a single, compressed Zip archive file.

The update extends the popular Picturepark subscription feature to entire workgroups. Now, when assets have been modified or deleted, or when new assets have been added, all users in subscribed groups are notified. This helps avoid production delays caused by absent employees, and it makes collaborative creative productions easier.

Also enhancing collaboration in Picturepark 8.3 is the company's new Review Manager, which makes group discussions and approval workflows easy, even for people without Picturepark accounts. When used in conjunction with the subscription feature's improvements for groups, Picturepark customers can better manage collaborative productions, from start to finish.

The Picturepark Developer Program now offers a PHP SDK which will encourage one of the largest web developers community in connecting their 3rd party systems into the Picturepark DAM system.

Picturepark account representatives are available to provide further information:

About Picturepark

Easy-to-use Picturepark digital asset management software is browser-based to work with all popular desktop and mobile platforms, and it's available in the cloud (SaaS) or on-premise.

All rich media formats are supported, with advanced options available for images, video and layouts. Built-ins include workflow approval and collaboration, multi-language metadata and taxonomies, and multi-tenant capabilities. Digital assets are shared and distributed via email links, website portals and portlets, social media, Dropbox and Sharepoint. A feature-rich API enables Picturepark partners to create add-ons and integrate Picturepark with other systems.

Picturepark is a brand of Vision Information Transaction Inc., a software developer headquartered in Switzerland, with offices in San Francisco, Vienna and Hyderabad, India.
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