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Hands-on with the GLOBALedit LightTable

See an exclusive demonstration from this year's Digital Asset Management Conference

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | October 03, 2012

Albert Song, VP of Product and Technology for GLOBALedit, took the time to tell us about the GLOBALedit LightTable, a photo and video management platform specifically geared toward creative teams and related enterprises. At last week's Digital Asset Management Conference, they showed off the LightTable and how it allows creatives to work in a totally different way.

About GLOBALedit

GLOBALedit enables your team to move content seamlessly from capture to the cloud for review, approval, and high-speed distribution. This single, web-based solution helps organizations take control of their creative production process. Built by the in-house software development team within our creative production company, GLOBALedit combines a unique expertise on cutting-edge technology with real world understanding of the creative production workflow. Dynamic workflow tools provide users the ability to collaborate through GLOBALedit in real-time, using the web, iPad, and touch-enabled technology with LightTable. Top companies and industry leaders depend on GLOBALedit® every day to manage photo and video libraries and accelerate multi-team collaboration. GLOBALedit®s unmatched speed and capacity improves your workflow, shortens turnaround time, and connects people with the content they need faster.

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