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GLOBALedit® Launches Industry’s First Digital LightTable Restoring Tactile Collaboration

Designed to work with and for creative production teams

By DAM News Staff | September 18, 2012

GLOBALedit, the leading online photo and video platform for creative teams, announced the official release of GLOBALedit LightTable, the only enterprise application that leverages a 360-degree user interface, multi-user and multi-touch capabilities. LightTable allows users to connect in real-time with the cloud-based GLOBALedit platform to bring photo editing, image markups, layout creation and creative review sessions to life.


Since the early days of professional digital photography, GLOBALedit and valued customer Turner Broadcasting have brainstormed ways in which a digital light table could tap into the network's library of millions of image and shoots. "The hardware, software and corporate partnership triangulated to enable the successful build of today's GLOBALedit LightTable," states Albert Song, vice president of product and technology for Industrial Color Software. "Both teams worked together to refine important behaviors, tapping into the best and most experienced creative minds in the industry."

Users of LightTable suggest that the application restores the human element of teamwork back into the creative production process. "We now live in the best of both worlds, as we have combined the desired human and emotional connection along with the latest digital technology and creative tools to increase productivity," says Christopher Grakal, vice president of photography and digital asset management for Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

The concept of effectively incorporating touch into the creative process has been on the forefront of industry trends. Organizations both large and small have been waiting for the release of technological advances such as LightTable to help their teams to take hands on collaboration to the next level.

"GLOBALedit aims to provide our customers with the most innovative technology on the market," says Steve Kalalian, president of Industrial Color Brands. "Collaboration through touch is becoming a crucial part of the creative production process and with the release of LightTable, the industry can make tactile and hands-on collaboration a reality."

GLOBALedit LightTable will debut at the upcoming Createasphere Conference held in New York City from September 27-28, 2012. Attendees can learn more during Christopher Grakal's Case
Study Session, where he will conduct a live demo of how his team uses GLOBALedit LightTable. Participants are also invited to attend GLOBALedit's Educational Session and to Visit Booth #214 to see how the robust platform connects creatives in real-time through the web and iPad.

If you are interested in receiving a private demonstration of LightTable at the Industrial Color Office or during the Conference please contact Lindsay Rapoport (lrapoport(at), director of marketing for Industrial Color Software.

About GLOBALedit:

GLOBALedit was launched in 2002 by the software division of Industrial Color. Industrial Color Brands is a family of vertically integrated creative production companies that provide high-end production, post-production, SaaS workflow solutions and related services. The company has evolved organically since 1991 from a culture of innovation, excellence and attention to industry trends and client needs. The brands operate independently and together to provide holistic solutions to for a wide range of leading brands, agencies and creative professionals. Some clients include Victoria's Secret, Warner Brother Studios, Showtime, New York & Company, HBO, AMC and Turner Broadcasting.

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