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Building the DAM

by Christy King

Christy King currently serves as the in-house technology consultant and tech vendor manager for Zuffa, LLC sports entertainment brands, including the UFC® (Ultimate Fighting Championship®). The UFC and mixed-martial arts have experienced massive growth in a very short amount of time, culminating in the recent partnership with FOX network, a major worldwide sports television brand. Christy actively researches, tests and implements new and emerging methods to share content information among media partners in traditional television, gaming conso...

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The Effective Workplace: It’s All About Your DAM

By Christy King | May 25, 2012

The workplace of the future (which means you start now) is completely dependent upon workers' ability to find the most important things at the right time, and put those things together with the best people to solve problems. Read More


Making the DAM connection: Keep Your Options Open

By Christy King | May 09, 2012

One the core values of a Digital Asset Management system is, of course, the concept of connecting people to shared data (video/images/graphics/metadata) in a fast and easy way. It is important to think further about the idea of sharing data, and realize that no matter how thorough your DAM might be in ingesting, archiving and delivering material, at some point the content inside of a DAM has to connect with a system outside if itself. Read More


Building the DAM Rule: Know Your Endgame

By Christy King | April 11, 2012

I have read a number of articles and watched videos by incredibly bright people who have been thinking about and developing workflows in Digital Asset Management. I am blown away by the sheer depth and breadth of information people try to absorb at the beginning of the process. Read More


Building the DAM Rule: Plan for Panic

By Christy King | March 21, 2012

As I mentioned in my previous blog, whenever you start down the path of trying to manage the assets of one department or project, you will quickly discover that there are a bunch of workflow problems that can potentially solved by tying data together. Yet even when your technological systems communicate flawlessly, in all likelihood, the human beings involved haven't. Read More


Building the DAM: My DAM Life

By Christy King | March 21, 2012

It seems like everything in the world of technology has to have an acronym associated with it in order to be accepted. Technology in the area of Digital Asset Management (DAM) now covers so much ground that concepts previously all lumped under "DAM" are now sub-dividing into more specific kinds of organizational concepts such as Media Asset Management (MAM) and Business Asset Management (BAM - my new favorite). Read More